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Намалена цена! The Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea Уголеми

The Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea

Peter Kemp



Оксфордска морска енциклопедия с 3700 термини и множетво схеми и снимков материал на английски език (A - Z).

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Година 1988
Издателство Oxford University Press
Страници 972
Език english
Корици меки
Формат 152*234
Тегло 1.284
Състояние добро
Забележки Забележки само по кориците, много добро състояние на книжното тяло.

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This book is an invaluable reference for anyone who is interested in maritime and naval affairs and history.

Filled with 3,700 entries and covering a span of over 5,000 years, The Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea offers readers the opportunity to gather also the many flowers of the world's bountiful waters. From the days when man first ventured on the waters in his primitive canoe to the modern age of the nuclear submarine, the hydrofoil, and the ultra large crude oil carriers of half a million tons, this comprehensive Companion brings together the immense field of marine terminology in one easily accessible volume.

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